This past week has been all at 4’s for me (out of 10, with 10 the best).  Good news is that I did not have the normal bedridden 2-3 days from hell.  Yay!!  It’s now 8 months since my crash and being in this mostly apartment bound state.

It also has become obvious that God wants me to face, work on, and deliver me from fear.  Memories from childhood are coming  back and Gary from ACT recommended the book The Healing Codes so I read it and got started.  It’s uncovering a bunch of stuff already.  Jim is also doing them.  The scriptures all over the apartment are helping to keep my mind on the truth and what is good and positive and the Healing Codes are helping to reduce stress in my body so my immune system can work better and heal itself.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that this whole getting very sick thing has such a deeper spiritual purpose, which is truly what this life is all about anyway.  I want to know God more and more.  I’m spending more time seeking Him and in his Word.  I feel like everything is for me…..TV preachers are speaking to me, the word seems to have scriptures just for me everywhere, it’s wonderful!  I’m believing Him more and more and He is grounding me in faith, something I asked for quite a while ago.  I’m on to reading Joshua and Colossians now.  Not because I have to but because I want to know Him more!  I also realized that some cannot access the Bible and here I have full access and if it was taken away from me I would have minimal knowledge.  I would still have Christ living in me so I’d be okay, but I would regret not getting to know God more through His word and being able to have that truth in me.

One of my friends texted me that she had a very vivid dream about me.  I knew it was from God the minute I read the text.  She is not a christian but God spoke to her for me.  🙂  I texted her back, “I hope I was all better in it.”  She wrote back, “It was just like old times and you were so happy!”  I told her I felt she was seeing the future and she agreed.  God keeps giving me things to hold on to.  His promise to me with Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego and I feel this is also encouragement that yes, I will be healed.  That is why this blog is called, “the journey through” but wow I did not realize the spiritual journey through that getting Lyme would take me on.  Deep changes are going on inside of me.  I am grateful.